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What is in a home?

Point Zero

Point Zero, Paris, France, located in the parvis in front of Notre Dame Cathedral

The ancient custom of establishing a point zero purportedly originated with Roman Empire. Historically it has served as a central geographic reference point of a city, country, or empire. You can find specimens in a diverse array of places around the globe: Madrid, Santiago, Paris, Tokyo, Budapest, Sydney, and Istanbul, or rather Constantinople as it remained in the Byzantine era. A zero point, kilometer point, or zero stone represents the spot from which all distances are measured. It is your grounding point.

The concept of home

This blog about What Next? recognizes that times are changing—continually. As Bob Dylan puts it, in the face of change, we’d better start swimming or we’ll sink like a stone. As I see it, we more easily master change when we are rooted in the point zero of home.

Home is a conglomerate. Our historic center, it incorporates a climate, a landscape, a street, a neighborhood, a school, home town and state. My home includes my children’s homes, my friends’ homes, places we go alone or gather with those we care about. How formative is a grandparent’s home. Home is a place you can lose and a place you can find. We celebrate there, pull together and mourn there. Where is your point zero?