Chicago transplant to Pacific Northwest USA

After decades as rhetoric prof and mother of five, and not being the retiring type, I’ve made peace with change.

Many years back in writing a college essay, I lit upon what I thought was a profound discovery: Aristotle’s assertion that change is central to existence. Our lives are made up of uncertainties. We are by nature propelled into motion and shape our lives as a race to be run, often sprinting flat out in a jumble of pursuits. For me, a backward look calls up images and exertions of schools, jobs, dear homes, physical and artistic diversions, making a family and forming a self. It’s a life, and it’s not done.

External and unpredictable realities of life—adjustments to place, economics, family dynamics, health— force us to press pause, to ponder what next. What next on the fulcrum between inaction and reaction? Time is the one thing we have—and do not have. How do you choose direction? How do you navigate the uneven path between the disruption of change within the boundaries of time? Onward and (we hope) upward.

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